Natural hydration for dry winter skin

by younghealt

The most treasured memories of winter are days filled with ice skating, sledding, skiing, and building snowmen with family and friends, then retreating indoors to drink hot cocoa around the fire. Cozy activities aside, if you think hard enough, you’ll probably remember that many of those days are also filled with chapped lips and dry, itchy skin.

As it turns out, both the cold air outside and the warm air inside dry out your skin and lips. Cold air holds fewer water molecules than warm or hot air, so when you are outside in cold weather, the extra-dry air pulls moisture from your skin. When you head back inside, the warm air from indoor heating evaporates additional moisture, leaving skin feeling uncomfortable, itchy, and looking worse for winter weather. Keep reading for some tips and tricks on how to keep your skin naturally soft and hydrated this winter season!

How to naturally moisturize your body

Is flakiness, itchiness, and irritation making it difficult to enjoy the cozy winter season? Try some of these steps for keeping your skin extra moisturized all winter long:

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