Power up: Essential oil blends to go after your dreams

by younghealt

Keep calm and carry on

Believe™: Just the way a walk through a breathtaking forest puts you in mind to accomplish anything, the aroma of spruce and fir in this blend will promote feelings of confidence and clarity as well. Open up a bottle of Believe after disappointing news, hard criticism, or roadblocks to find a moment of calm. And remember—you’ve totally got this!

Forgiveness™: Stuck dwelling on a mistake you made? Rub this blend over your heart and meditate. As your eyes close, remember that each day brings a new chance to start over and try again. It’s true what they say: no feeling (or failure) is final.

Sacred Mountain™: When the to-do list seems akin to climbing mountains, turn to a treat-yourself list. Draw a sudsy bath, add a few drops of this blend, and soak the day away! More ideas for your list could include an early bedtime, a half-day on Friday after a killer week, or a pampering night in.

Source Power up: Essential oil blends to go after your dreams is written by Young Living for www.youngliving.com

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