4 festive looks for your seasonal celebrations

by younghealt

From intimate mistletoe meetups to elaborate group traditions, holiday festivities are different for everyone and every passing year. No matter how you celebrate this season, show off your holiday spirit and get in the party mood with a very merry makeup look.

Whether you choose to go beautifully natural with soft pinks and nudes or glam it up with a bold lip and all the glitter, we have a festive makeup look for you to try!

Makeup application 101

The key to stunning makeup is proper application. No need to be intimidated! Before you get going, here are a couple of simple tips to get the magical holiday makeup look of your dreams.

How to apply eyeshadow:

Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush similar to the Savvy Minerals® Blending Brush, swipe the brush in the shadow, tapping to remove any excess. Apply to the lids and build and blend until you get the look you like. The lightest shadow shades look best on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye, while deep shades work best in the outer corner and along the lash line.

How to apply lip products:

When applying lipstick, start with a lip liner to trace your natural lip line, while avoiding too much product in the corners of your mouth. Next, apply lipstick in swiping motions for an even layer. You can use lip gloss on its own for a more natural look or apply it over Savvy Minerals® Lipstick for more drama.

With these helpful tips in mind, explore the four looks below to unwrap the ideal makeup look for your celebrations this year!

Source 4 festive looks for your seasonal celebrations is written by Young Living for www.youngliving.com

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